Beautyscapes goes: FINLAND

Northern lights, reindeer and saunas..many things the Nordic country of Finland is known for. I recently headed to Finland to discover what I do best - beauty, fashion and the women that call Finland home. First stop was Helsinki Fashion Week. This event, now in its third year is breaking onto the scene and not just because of the chic Scandinavian styles. Founded by the Nordic Fashion Group, HFW is the only 100% sustainably produced fashion week. There has been much attention recently given to the pollution, environmental and labor hazards that the fashion industry creates. This event celebrates the beauty and creativity of fashion and style, while also showcasing and highlighting those that are creating a much needed shift towards sustainability in the industry. While attending, I had the pleasure of wearing a Coe Textiles kimono, which is ethically and sustainably produced in India. It really reminded me how connected we all are, that I could be wearing a kimono made using an ancient block printing technique from India while watching a new designer from Estonia show new clothing pieces. Style and the way we present ourselves is very full-circle and I was moved by being able to witness this. I can only imagine how much more the world will become connected in the future and what we can accomplish by combining ancient and cultural craft with new recycling and sustainability ideas.

It's easy to see where Nordic designers get their inspirations, especially in terms of sustainability. The country is beautiful, with light all day long in the Summer and fresh Baltic sea air providing food and a great place to cool off after a traditional Sauna sweat session. Finland is a country that prides itself on nature and design. Combining the two, Finnish women have a sense of effortlessness when it comes to style. They truly love and value vintage and clothing swaps, I had never seen so many vintage and secondhand shops! The women have glowing skin, which can be attributed to the antioxidant-rich skincare products and diet they consume. Berries are not only delicious and abundant in Finland, they are used in many skincare products. The forests of Lapland offer many beneficial skin care ingredients and I found an all-natural holistic skincare brand based in Finland that is bringing these rare ingredients to life in their skincare line, Supermood. In the spirit of Beautyscapes, we will be sharing this line and their story with you soon, stay tuned!