Wake Up With..

Our new series, "Wake Up With.." offers a look into the morning routines and products of some of our favorite women.  First up, meet wife, mother, hairstylist and skincare entrepreneur, Elyse Marie of Elyse Marie Botanicals. 

Time you wake up: I typically wake up between 6:30-7:00 due to my human alarm clock (my 18 month old).  I am a person who needs tons of sleep and if I had a choice I would probably roll out of bed between 9:30-10…I’m sure many mothers out there share the same fantasy.

First thing you do after waking up:  Before I relieve my son from the confined walls of his crib, I find it energizing to stretch.  Nothing complex, though I did practice bikram yoga for many years, I find that it's really just to get the lymphatic system energized with some deep breathing techniques and core stretches.  This typically lasts 1-3 minutes maximum.

In this age of dry shampoo..How often do you wash your hair?  Being a hairstylist for the last 10 years, I understand the long term harmful effects of overwashing the hair.  Of course with my clients my expectations are never more than what suits their needs and hair types.  For me personally, I wash only once a week.  I refresh my roots when necessary with my dry shampoo, which I couldn't live without.  I specifically formulated it to absorb excess oils, dirt and debris, stimulate blood circulation, promote hair growth, and break down any build-up that can accumulate over time.  Our dry shampoo is my secret weapon for my hair health and saves me so much time in my day to day styling.

Coffee or Tea: I enjoy both, but not on a daily basis.  Once settling my son in his highchair for breakfast, I typically like to drink room temperature lemon water.  I find that it really helps to boost and support my digestive system and internally prepare me for my day.  On occasion my husband and I will make Vietnamese coffee, but this typically happens on our days of rest... go figure

Workout routine?  I played sports throughout my adolescence so I am pretty self disciplined and enjoy the feeling of strength and endurance when I am in good shape.  On that note, I would like to say I don’t do gym memberships.  It’s just not for me.  6-9 months out of the year I jog outside and the other months I workout in my home.  Whether it’s strapping my son to my chest and working on resistance and core strength, or attending boutique type hot yoga classes and variation workouts, I always enjoy switching up my routine to keep my body stimulated and avoid falling into workout habits that don't positively stimulate the whole body.  Honestly we are not machines.  Some days I AM TIRED, and though I always try my best, my best performance varies from day to day.  That’s where meditation plays a HUGE role and is something I try to practice daily.  I utilize this tool to exercise and heal my mind and soul.  When my body tells me “hey I need a break” it is important for my emotional health to listen.  I use many forms of healing for my emotional self to provide fuel for my physical self. Not that I don’t push myself up that hill when needed, as an adult I understand the importance of nurturing my vessel, finding balance within myself, and leaving the abusive and self destructive mentality behind.

You're stranded on a deserted island and can bring 3 skincare products, (although I'm sure you'd be able to create something there :) they are... Hahahaha..I would most likely live off the lands and experience what my new environment had to offer my body…but if I had a choice, these are the products I can’t live without…

1. Gentle Cleanser

2. Facial Mist

3. Eye Repair Serum

Guilty pleasure:  My house is always stocked with dark chocolate.  It’s a running joke in our home that if I haven’t tasted dark chocolate my day is incomplete.  

What inspires you and what's next for Elyse Marie Botanicals? From as young as 2 years old I was intuitively drawn to the vast mysteries, healing capacities, and adaptations of nature.  I grew up on 17 acres of forest, so I spent countless hours over the course of my childhood embracing and discovering the stillness and peace.  I guess in a way I was meditating and healing myself subconsciously.  I first translated that inspiration into painting and just as nature evolves I did too.  My goals now are to connect and empower other women with healthy and effective products.  Being a hairstylist for the last 10 years I have learned the art of listening to what women truly desire.  Elyse Marie botanicals is my direct interpretation from my experiences and all my clients who have touched my life.  Our future is open to sharing an environment of health and wellness with every new product we will create and new life we touch.  At the end of the day that’s what our brand is and always will be about.