Introducing Seaberry Farm Products

We are so excited to exclusively offer Seaberry Farm Products on the BeautyScapes Bazaar.


Dubbed a "Super Fruit" seabuckthorn or "seaberry" is rich in antioxidants and renowned for its replenishing, soothing and healing properties. 

We chatted with Beverly Dorjsuren, co-founder and CEO of Seaberry Farm, to learn more about her products and the farm. 

Seaberry is committed to sustainable farming practices, how has that set your farm apart?  Have you applied these practices since the beginning? 

We are organic and don't use any artificial or chemical fertilizers.  We prevent soil erosion, by suppressing weeds and enhancing the soil quality.  Also, we hand pick the berries without damaging the trees. We initially started producing seabuckthorn oil this way at our farm facility, and now we are producing a wide range of skincare products blended with our seabuckthorn oil, tea and juices for both the domestic and international market.  Through this we are diversifying the economy and providing employment opportunities to Mongolians.

What initiatives do you have for the future of the farm to continue sustainable practices and the future of seabuckthorn? 

Seabuckthorn is a valuable berry for the Mongolian people and economy.  We are planning to plant more seabuckthorn trees to expand our production.  We have started the Seaberry Research and Development Foundation to improve our farm, as well as working with other farmers to commit to sustainable practices and raise funds for the seabuckthorn projects.

What is the benefit of the Mongolian seabuckthorn oil versus other forms of the oil.  

There is a lot of science behind Mongolian-grown seabuckthorn due to its geographical location.  The harsh weather conditions, and rich soil here add to its incredible nutritional profile.  In addition to the internal and external health and beauty benefits, it has been used for centuries to treat various diseases. Mongolian grown seabuckthorn contains 190 bio-active vitamins and high content of fatty acids: Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9.

What is the history of the plant in your area? 

Seabuckthorn has been the “only” vitamin supplement for Mongolians for centuries. The Mongols, who conquered most of Asia and Central Europe in the 13th and 14th Centuries ate the berries to give them strength for battle and used them externally to treat their wounds. They also fed seabuckthorn berries to their horses to make their coats shine.

 How is the quality of your products guaranteed and monitored?  

Our raw material production is monitored by quality inspection of the factory at the farm.  It is then sent to South Korea for second inspection and to produce the final products at a GMP and ISO qualified factory. 

What has been your experience working in the skincare industry? What areas do you wish for the farm to grow? 

The skincare industry is very competitive.  The trend now is unique products and unique ingredients from rare places with anti-aging benefits. Seabuckthorn naturally protects skin from the sun, therefore it has natural anti-aging effects.

We wish to grow in the global anti-aging arena. We also believe nutrition and health are just as important as skincare and are developing products to combine nutritional supplements, juices and skincare products. 

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