Introducing Supermood: Natural Finnish Skincare Brand

We are so excited to bring Supermood products to the Beautyscapes Bazaar!

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Supermood Founder, Anne Kukkohovi

Supermood Founder, Anne Kukkohovi

Beautyscapes exists to connect cultures and women through beauty finds and much more. During our time in Finland, we not only delved into the sustainable fashion industry but also the traditional Finnish approach to natural skincare. We discovered Supermood, a natural skincare line with a holistic viewpoint. Founded by Anne Kukkohovi in 2014, she firmly believes in the interplay of wellness on the inside contributing to "beauty" on the outside. She created three different product lines, Egoboost, Beauty Sleep and Youth Glo all designed to correspond to a specific emotional state. 

When you need to shine at your brightest, Egoboost can give your confidence just the kick you need by tightening your skin quickly and noticeably. When you enjoy the Beauty Sleep products before bedtime - you wake up well-rested and radiant in the morning. Youth Glo is the perfect solution for those moments your skin needs a little help catching up with the youthful sparkle inside you.

Together the three moods form an ecosystem, where all the products complement each other to balance physical and emotional well-being. Supermood products allow you to always be at your best, no matter what mood you are in. What products will work best for you? Head over to our Bazaar page and discover for yourself.


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