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A quick trip across the bay from San Francisco is the headquarters of Volition Beauty (and side note: a seriously amazing Mexican restaurant, Copita!). Volition Beauty is revolutionizing beauty by collaborating with real women, AKA innovators to create the products that THEY would like to see available WHILE filling a void in the industry. As someone that is dedicated to natural beauty, as well as resisiting so many of the corporate products and messaging thrown at women everyday, I could NOT wait to collaborate with them on a product that I've long used and loved, Aloe Vera. As a child, my grandmother (Nanny) always kept Aloe plants in her house and would break a leaf open anytime someone had a wound, burn or just slather it all over my insanely sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. As I got older and would tell friends my skincare secret I was surprised to see their faces turn to confusion. Like so many, they associated aloe with the sticky thick gel sold in stores. It's so exciting to bring this plant in it's purest form and texture to life with Volition. Visiting their office, with an all-female team, I was welcomed with open arms and was able to focus more on my product, "Straight from the Stem spot treatment" working on everything from packaging to receiving the very first sample from the lab! They listened to every concern and request I had, from my list of ingredients I didn't want in the product, down to consistency. it has been the most amazing collaboration. A complete and total dream come true! If you haven't yet, go to Volition Beauty and vote for my "Straight from the stem spot treatment" to receive special pre-retail pricing. Volition products are available online, in select Sephora stores across the US and QVC. "Straight from the stem spot treatment" will be in great company! From Turmeric body polish to a Thanaka bronzer, the majority of the products they have developed are rooted in beauty and skincare traditions from around the world.


Click HERE to learn more about my "Straight from the Stem spot treatment"!

xx, sable

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Sable Massingill