about beauty scApes

BeautyScapes was founded to discover and highlight beauty and skincare products around the world.  Archaeologists spend lifetimes digging through different layers of the Earth, searching for the story behind it.  Women do the same; like the Earth, our skin, hair and clothing all tell a story about us.  Often times we are influenced by where we're from, where we've been and where we want to go.  We are faced with decisions everyday, what products we choose to use and how we present ourselves.  Mainstream "big beauty" sends a lot of different messages, especially that we are inadequate.  However, beauty exudes through many different forms, like the Earth's variety of landscapes.  Our differences are the essence of womanhood from every topography of life, creating our unique beautyscape.  


BeautyScapes facilitates collaborations, creates mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships between independent brands with a story to tell. 


By advocating and consulting for female founded and sustainably produced brands we are creating a dreamscape, a community where we can all flourish.