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Beautyscapes discovers and highlights skincare, wellness and lifestyle products from around the world.  Much like the different landscapes and layers of the Earth, people tell their own stories through appearance and accessories. Using beauty as a connective and empowering tool, we explore the meaning behind different perceptions and beauty trends.

Mainstream messaging often sets unrealistic beauty ideals, encouraging women to change something about themselves.  However, beauty exudes through many different forms, like the Earth's variety of landscapes.  Our differences are the essence of womanhood, creating our unique
b e a u t y  s c a p e.


Artisan Sourcing! Do you have a brand, business or store that you would like to incorporate artisan pieces into? We can help! From textiles to ceramics and bags and lampshades we’ve got you covered! We can help establish long-term and meaningful partnerships with cooperatives in Mexico and Morocco.

Check out the sourcing we did for PO MKT in Chattanooga, TN here!

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